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Microfiber cleaning cloth(12 inches x 12 inches)

Microfiber cleaning cloth(12 inches x 12 inches)

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Microfiber cleaning cloth is softer, more absorbent, and does not shed hair. (12 inches x 12 inches)💕

The multi-color design helps prevent cross contamination. It is the best companion for household cleaning. It can help you easily and easily complete all the cleaning tasks you need.

All-purpose microfiber cleaning cloth (12 inches x 12 inches), highly absorbable and quick-drying. It is very suitable for removing dust, dirt, oil, stains, and washing everything with only water, no streaks, no lint, no abrasives.

The cleaning cloth is made of highly sophisticated circular woven microfibers, which will not shed hair or color. Edgeless microfiber cleaning cloth. It can well increase the durability of the towel.

Borderless design, softer, more absorbent, and lint-free. The non-abrasive microfiber cloth will not scratch the paint, the surface or can be used on most surfaces in your home.


Do they work for dusting furniture?

Answer:I would say yes. Most soft microfiber rags are great for dusting. Just spritz some water on the rag and wipe down furniture. This reduces any wax build up. Also some real wood like acacia and lacquer coated do not require oil/ chemical based products. For me the issue is rags are made in China. I searched and could only find China mfg rags. Happy dusting. 😄


How do you clean these after there dirty?

Answer: I wash all of my microfibers alone and separate from any other laundry. I almost always use a cup of vinegar in hot water on a medium cycle with about a quarter cup of dawn liquid. It works for me and my business so far!


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