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Factory direct three-piece stainless steel colander

Factory direct three-piece stainless steel colander

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Factory direct three-piece stainless steel colander

Our specially designed woven rim net helps to form finer pores, which helps the food to be discharged quickly, and ensures that small particles are retained to the greatest extent, effectively saving cleaning time and no longer wasting food.

The sturdy double-rod structure and long handle increase the load capacity of the filter and prevent scalding when fish fry is fished out of hot oil. With lop ears, you can easily hang them in the kitchen.

This upgraded fine mesh filter is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the thickness of the mesh is increased. It will not rust, corrode and withstand the rigorous tests of daily kitchen chores and professional kitchens.

With three diameter colanders, you will be more efficient in the kitchen, and always have the perfect filter as well as coffee, flour, sugar, spices, rice, cocoa powder; dry lumpy baby cereal, oatmeal, pasta, fruit , Juice, etc.


Is this product made entirely of stainless steel? Where is it made?

Answer:Yes, the pieces are all made entirely of stainless steel. Thus, they can be put in a dishwasher with no problem. I believe on the cardboard wrapping that held them together it said 'made in China.


Will this strain seeds out of raspberry puree?


1. No problem. Glad it was helpful. It works fr me wth blueberry and blackberry seeds.

2. Yes. Very much so.


Are the meshes different in fine to coarse ?

Answer: No, the mesh is the same 'grade' on all three...


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